Song Study Series

Learn to play some of your favorite songs with this popular song study series… including songs from Michael Jackson, Tom Petty, The Beatles, Bob Marley, and many more. This series is a great way to impress your friends around the campfire, or learn tricks & techniques to better your own songwriting

Suzie Q

This short course focuses on a classic tune with a great mix of riffs and chords! Though the song has many different versions, this course will focus on the CCR rendition from 1968.

  • Mix of chords and riffs
  • Easy for most level players
  • Course contains 8 videos

Dock of the Bay

Learn a timeless Otis Redding classic that showcases a great mix of strumming and riff transitions. This song will impress in any social setting!

  • Mix of chords and riffs
  • Easy for most level players
  • Course contains 8 videos

Born Under a Bad Sign

It's a classic blues tune made famous by Cream with a bonus lesson on the original Albert King version! It's a slinky funk progression dripping with swag.

  • Attitude for days
  • Easy for most level players
  • Course contains 8 videos

No Woman No Cry

A timeless song with an undeniable melody and great mix of chords and riffs! Bob Marley is a must have an any guitar players arsenal… and this is a great place to start! It's catchy and everyone will want to sing along.

  • Multiple parts to learn
  • Great for any level player
  • Contains 12 videos
Breakdown by Tom Petty

A killer groove, super hooky melody, and classic chords make this song a must-have in your arsenal. It contains a great mix of solo parts and chords and can be a great addition to any jam around.

  • Lots of attitude with this one
  • Great for any level player
  • Contains 9 videos
Beat It by Michael Jackson

A song made popular in the 80's with an unforgettable riff and super smooth chord structure. You're sure to impress with this Michael Jackson classic which happens to include a great mix of single-note lead work and triad-style chord patterns.

  • Great mix of riff and chords
  • Good for any level player
  • That unforgettable riff!
  • Contains 8 videos

Please Note: 

More song studies are being added weekly. If you have a suggestion for a course, please contact Blaise. Hope you enjoy these, and stay tuned for many more!!