New to Guitar?

Our Core Course Series (6 courses - 140 videos) is intended for the beginner/first-time guitar player and will teach you everything you need to know to play guitar, including how to hold & tune the guitar, how to write your own songs, and how to jam with your friends around the campfire. It's super fun and easy!

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Are You Experienced?

After you're done with the Core Course Series, you'll be ready for our Focus Courses that will teach you everything from chord tricks, to blues techniques, to fingerpicking, to major & minor pentatonic patterns, to slide guitar, and beyond.


Song Study Series

Learn to play some of your favorite songs with this popular song study series… including songs from Michael Jackson, Tom Petty, The Beatles, Bob Marley, and many more. This series is a great way to impress your friends around the campfire, or learn tricks & techniques to better your own songwriting.


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